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Are you a new to the SMBC Club? - Call our ride leaders for ride info and our officers will be glad to answer any of your questions about cycling and give you suggestions on how to start.

For your first ride - Have your bike in good working order with tires properly inflated. The local bike shops can check and "tune up" your bike. Bring your helmet, water, and a spare tube. Dress in layers and be sure to use sunscreen.

The right ride level for you - If you are a new member with limited cycling experience, you'll probably want to start at a slower pace/shorter distance. Check the monthly ride schedule and choose a ride that suits you. Read the description to be sure it matches your assessment of your abilities. If you're unsure, call the leader and discuss the ride and your abilities with him/her. We want you to have fun, to gain confidence, and to improve. It may seem hard at first, but don't get discouraged. If you stick with it, you'll surprise yourself with your progress. The most important part of club riding is not your ride speed, but that you enjoy the ride and feel comfortable at whichever speed/distance you choose.

SMBC Safety Policy concerning aerobars.

Aerobars may be used in the front of a paceline or group (pulling) or off the back (four or more bike lengths) of a paceline/group. Aerobars may not to be used within a paceline or group at any time. Ride leaders, at their discretion, may prohibit aerobars use on their rides. Note: all handlebars are required to be capped.