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2018 Board of Directors Candidates Bio and Positions

Our Annual Meeting is coming up January 13, 2018 at 9:00 AM, Longwood Park, 6050 Longwood Run Blvd, Sarasota.

It is important that every member attend as it is at this meeting that you have an opportunity for your voice to be heard by casting your vote to elect board members for the new year 2018.  As a member, you will be voting for ten (10) people.  After which, those ten (10) directors will elect the Club officers.  This is your right and should not be taken lightly. What is needed are dedicated individuals who are team players and who can impartially contribute to the success of our Club.

For you information, attached is a slate of the people who have volunteered to give their time, experience, and energy to serve on the board.  Please study the corresponding bios carefully.  At the meeting on January 13, you will be asked to choose just ten (10) people from the slate of fourteen.

Nora Miller
Secretary, SMBC Board of Directors

Maureen Murphy Boyd
I am Treasurer of SMBC and it’s past Membership Director. I have been a member of the bike club for 6 years and a Florida resident for 5 years. My schooling is in Accounting, and I have spent my entire career in this field.  I hope to continue on for 2018 as your treasurer.

Jerry Engleson
Born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota
Bachelors Degree from the University of Minnesota
Graduate Work University of Illinois
12 years Marketing and Sales with Zurich Insurance and Fireman’s Fund Insurance
25 years as a principal in one of the Largest Independent Insurance agencies in Ohio
Professional Certification in Insurance ( Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriter )
As a director, I would work to make the club stronger and more meaningful to its members. At the present time, I ride at least 5 times a week with the club and have  good relationships with the ride leaders and the club members. Although I have belonged to the club for only one year, I probably know more club members than most of the other club members because of the frequency of my rides.
During the past year I have volunteered at the ride of silence and cyclefest.

Rich Garrett
2018 Objectives:

• Working with others continuing progress toward:
Support of our Ride Leaders which offer numerous riding experiences for all levels of our members.

Work with other Bike Clubs, Bike Stores and Government organizations to improve the Sarasota Manatee infrastructure for more stress-free bike destinations.

Pay special attention to high accident areas and participate in discussions with groups to gain support and funding to improve bike safety.

Continue to support and expand the Bike Rodeo Program and seek more publicity and cooperation to provide additional classes.

Create a committee to review our current by-laws and governing documents to either insure compliance and where needed make needed changes. Examples include the use of Flap points supporting ride leaders needs to be less restrictive and review of the procedures electing directors for SMBC.

Work hard with the new directors that are filling the shoes of departing Board members, especially the Cyclefest, Membership, and Social Committee positions.

Continue to urge more openness and member attendance to our Board Meetings. And ride with various groups to listen to ideas expressed by our Members. Some good ideas have been adding evening rides, additional Sunday rides etc. I welcome ideas to improve SMBC.

Thank you for the privilege to represent you during 2017. I look forward to your continued input, support, and participation during 2018.

f Gary Valerio, club's acting vice president.


Gary Valerio

Gary Valerio, club's acting vice president.

I have been a member of SMBC for almost two years and was elected Vice President of the Club approximately five months ago. I try to ride every day and have logged over 20,000 miles since I started riding in 2012. I have lived in Florida since 2013.


Originally from Fairhaven, Massachusetts, I graduated from Brown University and raised my children in the state of New Hampshire. I started my career in management with Marriott in the Food Service industry, owned a restaurant, a Food Brokerage company and have dabbled in residential real estate. I have spent the latter part of my career in the Team Sports business in various sales & management positions.


My experience in serving on boards of directors has ranged from local Business Associations, Home Owners Associations, Youth Sports Associations and most importantly as Treasurer of the New England Sports Agents Association.


I have a strong interest in outdoor activities and have found cycling to be my passion. My objectives for SMBC are to continue to build on the strength of the Club by bringing new and fresh ideas, bring in new membership and focus on ride safety and education .


Thank you in advance for your vote.


Gary Valerio

Palmetto, FL

Bud Gaunce
My name is Bud Gaunce and SMBC has been an integral part of my life since I joined in 2009.  I've enjoyed serving as a ride leader, and at different times your FLAP Coordinator, Membership Chair, Cyclefest Base and Facilities Coordinator, Training and Safety Coordinator, founder of the SMBC Youth Bike Safety programs, League Instructor for the SMBC Adult Cycling Bike Safety Workshops, Vice President and President.   

I would be honored to serve on the 2018 Board of Directors and if elected would work to achieve the following goals: 
1) Offer an even better ride schedule. 
2) Increase adult and youth bike safety training for the club and community.
3) Grow membership. 
4) Continue offering exciting social events. 
5) Liaise with county, state and federal officials to advocate for better bike infrastructure and bike safety laws. 
6) Practice sound fiscal management.

David Hodgkinson
Born in Britain, I emigrated to Florida 12 years ago and became a US citizen 7 years ago.

I am a retired Civil Engineer with post-graduate qualifications in Traffic Engineering and Transportation Planning.  I acted as Director for a UK Local Authority for 14 years.  I am a past-President of three different professional organizations and of my Residents’ Association.

I have organized 9 Cyclefests for SMBC as well as the first “Pedal for Pups” and am now working on the third “Tour de Parks”.  I believe the Club deserves an efficient and effective Board, who closely follow the Bylaws.  The club has a great record for social, safe and enjoyable bike rides.  We should not be content, but seek to continue to develop.  As the Sarasota and Manatee population expands, so also should our club.  I am willing to work as a team member to achieve the very best we can for club members and the community.

Phil Lentzke
Fellow Riders,
I have been a member of SMBC since moving to LWR over three years ago. I chose our club as it offers the greatest number and variety of rides of any cycling organization in the area.
Along those lines I’ve worked at being more involved with the club each year. Initially helping at Cyclefest and then becoming volunteer coordinator for the event this year. In addition, I will be coordinating in the same capacity at the upcoming Tour de Parks event.
Also I’ve been a ride leader for over two years and enjoy this immensely. I offer a strong background in marketing/sales and believe it’s paramount we continue to grow and refresh our resources. As a board member, I would help grow what we do best, offering the greatest variety of rides and expanding our community service program. Whatever position I would be chosen for, membership chairman for example, I would bring the passion and joy of cycling to it.

Nora Miller
I have served as Secretary on the Board of Director’s for the past  two years.  I have been a Cyclefest coordinator for the past four years and served on various committees.

I am originally from WV where I started cycling 19 years ago.  My husband and I were seasonal residents for two winters and have been full-time FL residents since 2014.  I have been a member of SMBC since 2013.  I spent my career in the corporate business world and retired in 2008.

My strength’s are writing and communication.  It is imperative that minutes are accurate and reflect what takes place in Board meetings.  Please feel free to view any Board minutes on our website from the last two years to see minutes I have prepared.  

My goals as a director are to continue to support safe bicycling and community bike-safety classes; to ensure our bylaws are clear and consistent with our purpose; contribute to the membership growth of SMBC; and work to ensure the voices of the general membership are heard by the Board of Directors.

Thank you for your vote.

Kendra Newman
I have been in the Sarasota Manatee area for over 16 years and an avid cyclist for close to 10 years.  My riding experience includes long distance self-contained tours, large events like RAGBRAI, commuting around town to run errands, and bike overnights with friends and family.  

As a board member of Bike Florida, I have been working on improving cycling in the entire state, but I would really like to focus on my own community and becoming involved with SMBC would be a great way to start.  I hope to be able to apply what I have learned from my involvement with the Bike Tourism Network about marketing, promoting, and organizing bike events, and the economic impact of cycling. I am particularly interested in promoting the value cycling has on a community and working on changing how our area perceives cycling in general.

Bill Norris
 * Chairman of the Social Committee for the last 4 years
 * CYCLEFEST - Helped run the Base Operations for last 3 years
 * League of American Bicyclists - Instructor
 * Boys and Girls Club - Instructor in SMBC bicycle safety program
 * Tour de Parks - Helped run Base Operations for last 2 years

I will continue to work at making our club better.  I will continue to work on SMBC bicycle safety program.
Thank you,

Donald Shea
By way of background, I joined the club even before my wife and I re-located to Florida in October 2016 and it has proven to be a wise decision many times over.   I was an avid cyclist in Virginia for more than a decade and did not want to lose the motivation following the move. SMBC has more than filled what could have been a void with great rides and great people. And now it is time to pay it forward.
Professionally, I have spent more than 3 1/2 decades managing and leading 501 (C) organizations including the brewing, plastics, and tire industries.  Currently, I work for the US Chamber of Commerce, a DC based organization dedicated to promoting free enterprise. Additionally, I have served on numerous 501 (C) (3) Boards including the Founding Board of Directors for Students Against Driving Drunk (SADD). 

In each of these assignments, I have practiced and understand that there is only one goal for Board members of 501 entities: to carry out the mission of the SMBC in service to the membership.  Board service entails just that; to wit, service. And if privileged to serve, that is precisely what I intend to do.

Tres Smith
I am an RN, CRRN for 31 years. I have been a long time recreational rider in Florida and have been involved with the Tampa Bay Freewheelers and SMBC. I have attended 15 week long bike rides including Fairbanks to Anchorage, many at Bike Florida, a Florida Bicycle safari, Xenia, Ohio, RAGBRAI, France, Italy, Spain and coast to coast on the southern tier across America in 2016. I will attend 4 week long bike rides this upcoming year in 2019. I attended two bicycle safety classes with SMBC and want to become an LCI. I have known about SMBC since moving to Ruskin in 1998 and had some activity with the club. I have been very active in club riding since 2015. I feel I bring 30 years of riding experience to the board along with a large background in volunteerism with disabled wheelchair sports for 28 years locally in Tampa. I hope that I could bring an experienced voice to help with a large growing bicycle club. I work full time but am available for board meetings. 

Ian Tummon
As a boy in Toronto I loved bicycles and I loved maps. At the University of Toronto, where I became a physician, I met my highly capable wife of 44 years, Naomi, who was born in Brooklyn, NY. In 2005 I became an American citizen and we have lived in Florida since 2010.

I have a cycling skills debt to SMBC and its members, in particular to Doug Francis.

In the past year my work includes: co-ordination of SMBC rides, leading Emerson Point 19 to 22, organization of the Manasota Ride of Silence, and SAG co-ordination for Cyclefest.

As a director I would work to the best of my ability, perhaps with responsibility for event organization and administration.

Jim Wheeler
I am originally from the Chicago area, but I have since lived in many places throughout the United States.  I have been a monthly columnist and editor for various business publications over the past 35 years, and I have worked as the director of corporate communications for a building-control manufacturer in Ohio.  So, my specialty is in the field of writing and communications.  I have been a ride leader with the club for several years and I have been a club Board member twice.

I chose to run for the Board again last year (and was elected, serving the position of Club Communications) because I was concerned with the direction the previous Board had been taking.  And though I have had some successes in making the Board more open to the desires of its members (especially in the area of club jerseys), it is my hope that our membership will vote in a new, more membership-friendly slate of directors in the coming year.  If you do, I would like to be a part of such a Board.

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